Protecting Your Tomorrows

Our Three Principles

Three Principles:

A Reasonable Rate of Return For Retirement Strategy

We believe that a solid retirement strategy is essential for preparing for the future. We work hard to protect what you have worked so hard for. Our clients often ask us, “What is a reasonable rate of return* for retirement strategy?”. It is important to them to protect their money and realize some gains.

We make sure our clients understand these three principles:


Keep your money safe. Protect your principal.

Reasonable Rate of Return*

Generate a reasonable return* (while protecting your principal).


Your retirement strategy should be simple, not complicated.

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Protect Your Principal

Keeping your principal safe is one of our top priorities when working with clients. Your money should last the rest of your life without worrying about market fluctuations.

Generally, there are several methods people employ for a retirement strategy. You might want to consider taking a more conservative financial approach. There are several choices available; however, many of them may not be satisfactory. Savings accounts, for example, offer historically low-interest rates. Certificates of deposit (CD’s) typically have higher rates than savings accounts, but it’s not enough to appeal to most people. Savings bonds are generally viewed as very safe financial vehicles. Even so, savings bonds are still heavily impacted by the current interest rates. It is also very common for the rates to be very low.

Some retirees prefer higher interest rate options over lower interest products. A higher interest rate is preferable to conservative options. Yet, you still need to protect your money as well. Essentially, the aim is to earn more money than inflation without taking risks associated with stocks. The savings you put into your retirement strategy should last your whole life without risking a market crash. In the same vein, you should obtain a reasonable rate of return*. Our priority is to work with clients to keep their principals safe. Sadie Sicka aims to educate clients about all their options. This allows clients to make choices suitable for them.

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Reasonable Rate of Return for a Retirement Strategy

Many times, a low interest rate will not provide retirees with sustainable retirement income. While your money may be protected, your income may not cover all your expenses. For many clients, these types of strategies aren’t a good fit for their needs for a retirement strategy. 

So, can you earn money and still protect it? Yes, you don’t have to settle. The right retirement strategy can help you achieve a reasonable rate of return* (RRR). A fixed index annuity (FIA), for example, provides indexed interest while keeping your money safe. Interest rates fluctuate, however, fixed index annuities offer anywhere from 3% to 6% interest over time. It depends on several factors. We provide our clients with favorable solutions while protecting their principal.  

Retirement Strategies Can Be Simple

Your retirement strategy should be simple, not complicated. Are you truly retired if you have to spend time worrying about your money and watching the markets? With help from a professional for a retirement strategy, the process can be simple. 

Each client’s needs and financial situation are unique. Ultimately, you do not need to choose between these three values. You can have all three. We can help you explore options for achieving your goals. Connect with us to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

*Reasonable rate of return, over time.

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