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How to Save For Retirement

Sadie Sicka specializes in helping clients plan their retirement strategies efficiently and protect their finances from hardship. We strive to make it as simple as possible for clients to plan their financial futures. We are committed to product development and continued education to provide favorable products for our clients.

You won’t find the founder,

Sadie Sicka

buttoned up in suits.

You will find, however, a team of professionals who are approachable and who listens to their client’s individual needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer customized solutions tailored to the needs of every client. Because of our approach, we only work with clients we think will benefit from our services.  In light of this, our strategy focuses on 3 main areas:

Keep your money safe. Protect your principal.

Generate a reasonable return* (while protecting your principal).

Your retirement strategy should be simple, not complicated.

*Insurance products may offer a reasonable rate of return over time. They are backed by the claims paying ability of the insurance carrier.

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Life Income Protection

A primary concern for retirees is: “Can I live off my retirement income for the rest of my life?”. Or, how to save for retirement. It’s good to know you can protect your finances while earning a reasonable return by developing a solid retirement strategy.  There are different options to help you protect your assets and achieve your goals. We can help you learn about those options.

About Sadie Sicka

Sadie Sicka works with retirees to provide strategies for lifetime income and financial security. Sadie Sicka, founded the firm in 2016 and has many years of experience in the financial services sector. Her passion is helping them create retirement strategies that meet their specific needs. Her clients appreciate her compassionate, easy-to-understand, and approachable presentation that puts their interests first. 

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Why Choose Us?

What Sets Sadie Sicka Apart?

Our team is highly skilled and dedicated to putting the client’s needs first. We offer individualized strategies that focus on how to save for retirement to meet our clients’ needs. Sadie Sicka, founder and CEO, has years of industry experience and a personal financial story that inspired her to help others protect their money. As a team, we work hard to ensure financial safety first, provide a reasonable return over time, and simplify things as much as possible.

Keep Your Money Safe

During your working years, perhaps you took more risk despite stock markets' highs and lows. You may start to search for secure investment options and ways to save for retirement as you near retirement. Therefore, securing your principle is of utmost importance. Our goal is to help you create a strategy that will protect your retirement funds.

Get ‘RRR’

With the right strategy, you can generate a reasonable rate of return* (RRR). Fixed index annuities and life insurance policies can offer both principal protection and a reasonable return. We aim to help you protect your money while earning a reasonable return.

A Simple Retirement Strategy

Your retirement doesn't have to be complicated because of finances.  The key to a simple retirement strategy is to focus on protection and a reasonable return. We design our strategies to help clients earn a reasonable return* on their investments.

*Insurance products may offer a reasonable rate of return over time. They are backed by the claims paying ability of the insurance carrier.”

Plan For Your

Successful Financial Future

It is important to protect the earnings you have accumulated over the years. Our team will provide you with different options on how to save for retirement that will last a lifetime.

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