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Offices in Myrtle Beach, SC, Wilmington, NC, and Dallas, TX

Our Founder

Sadie Sicka

Sadie Sicka founded the firm in 2016 in Dallas, Texas to help clients reduce as much confusion as possible in planning their financial future and protect their finances from hardship.

Since then the firm has expanded and now has offices in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Wilmington, North Carolina, as well as Oklahoma. Sadie Sicka offers Financial Safety seminars in Wilmington, up and down the coast to North and South Carolina, and as far as Pawleys Island. From 2017-2022, her firm has been ranked among the top 100 firms, and her team is among the top 1% in the industry. Sadie Sicka invests in ongoing education and product development to provide clients with the best products available.

Her financial background is diverse. She has 10+ years of headhunting experience in the finance industry, building out profitability for companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Beal Bank, Capital One, and Southwest Securities to name a few. Beyond the finance industry, Sadie spent many years as C-level and VP-level headhunter in the advertising and gaming world spearheading and identifying talent for big brand advertising to expand ROI for companies such as Blockdot, Microsoft, top 10 Games, and more.

Sadie lost both of her parents very early in life. She was raised by her grandparents in Tulsa, Oklahoma, both of whom were born in 1920. Sadie’s  grandfather was an aircraft and diesel mechanic in WWII. Her grandmother retired as a machinist. They taught Sadie that she could do anything and instilled in her, hard working, down to earth values. By the age of 23, Sadie had put herself through school, had an insurance license, a real estate license, and a master’s degree. In fact, she obtained her insurance license in both 1998 and 2010.

Sadie is driven to helping others protect their money. She believes that doing the right thing is what makes Sadie Sicka different. Known for being dedicated, compassionate, and tenacious she believes that the only investments you have are people.

Whenever Sadie is not helping clients strategize their retirement, she enjoys spending time with her dog Emma – the love of her life. She also enjoys yard work and theological studies. Mission work is one of her passions.

“The best things for the soul are laughing, dancing and music.” –Sadie

JoAnn Szaley

JoAnn Szaley, affectionately known as Jo, started with Sadie Sicka in 2020 organizing seminars. With her growing passion for the financial services industry, her responsibilities quickly expanded into multiple roles. Her responsibilities include event planning, client account management, customer service, and new business development.

Jo enjoys working with clients and making sure their needs are met in a timely manner while providing excellent customer service. Additionally, she enjoys showing her appreciation for clients at client events. She loves building relationships with clients and helping them reach their income protection goals. She is loyal, tenacious, hardworking, sweet, generous, and upbeat. Clients are treated like family at the firm.

JoAnn studied at Coastal Carolina before joining Sadie Sicka. She also learned effective customer service from working as a bartender and manager in the food and beverage industry.

JoAnn Szaley and her husband, Brandon, reside in Conway, South Carolina. They have two dogs named Brooklyn and Bronx who are like their children.

Tiffany Scherer

Tiffany Scherer is a Seminar Associate at Lock and Gain Financial. She assists with annual client reviews, setting appointments with new clients, and preparing seminar events. She previously worked at Express Funeral Funding, a finance company that handles life insurance claims, before joining us here at Lock and Gain in 2023. Tiffany is positive and friendly, always striving to make everyone around her more comfortable. She lives in Conway, South Carolina, with her husband Cody and their son Kylan. She has two dogs, Ash and Tripp, and two cats, Apollo and Penguin. For fun, she enjoys spending time at the beach or out on the water.

Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone is a Seminar Associate at Lock and Gain Financial. She assists with IUL case management, appointments, seminars, and client services. She has a strong background in the insurance industry and in investment account management. However, Lock and Gain Financial stood out to her, both for our approach to this industry and the care we treat both clients and employees with. Tiffany could be described as focused, caring, and detail-oriented. When not working, she enjoys reading, painting, quilting, and spending time with her pets. She has a dog named Gryff and two cats named Marcilene and Pippin. She lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband and their foster son.

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